. . . Aesthetically vibrant and spiritually refined, the film is lush and generous, filling the senses with what it could have been like to be in New York or Washington or Chicago with ‘ Abdul –Bahá. It is a very effective suspension of time and place as it transports us to the America of 1912. . . . We were impressed with the attention to detail, the costumes, the cars, the trains, the hotels, the music, the very essence of that 1912 ambiance recreated so that we might become one of those noble souls who were changed by the message and the presence of the wondrous Visitor. At the intermission, the conversations in the cafe were alive and vibrant . . . no one had ever seen such a production before. This is a film worthy of the subject matter it conveys, an experience of production excellence, with a quality script and a depth of reverence in a presentation that had not been seen before. Bob Harris

I am not sure how a documentary can manage such an atomic blast in the heart, but it does so in a way that words simply can not convey. Luminous Journey leaves me speechless; at every viewing session I begin to shed tears of overflowing love. You have created a modern-day means of falling in love with ‘ Abdul –Bahá, at will and on demand. Saman Mirkazemi

I have just emerged from a breathtaking experience. What a marvelous production! As a former history teacher and a Baháí of 53 years, I KNOW what difficulties you must have experienced in this visual "love letter" to the world—all the data, the photography, the script, the music, and so forth. Quite an undertaking and well worth the effort. I was stunned by its impact. BRAVO! It will live forever in my heart! Derald Hendry

We finally sat down and watched the full, marvelous,transportingLuminous Journey! We were entranced! Inspiring and profound quotes, awesome photographs and footage and camera work. Every aspect is just breathtaking and will inspire, engage and interest people all over the world!! We feel so very blessed to have been involved with this defining documentary about the Faith. Lisa Haese Smith and Stan Skora (composer of the film's music and sound engineer husband)

My hands trembled with excitement as I loaded the disc in the DVD player. What an indescribable experience to watch this long-awaited film about ‘ Abdul –Bahás travel to America. It was like I was travelling, too, with the Master and felt the excitement on His arrival in every city and the sadness when He left. The settings and costumes captured the spirit of the 1900s. The music and narrations are superb. Roland Maddela

The film is exquisite in all aspects-the script, the pacing, the graphics, the charm and authenticity added by the period actors, the music, the production values, but mostly the dignity of the presentation and its focus on the Master and His words. When it was over, no one stirred. . . Ann Jones Kazemzadeh

I was transported-what a heavenly ride! If you havn't seen Luminous Journey, you need to make that change in your life! Diana Rohrback

You have woven ‘ Abdul –Bahás travels into a brilliant cloth that shall startle and fill with awe every heart that has the bounty of viewing it. With the highest of artistry and cinematographic craft, you have captured faithfully the stupendous sweep of His achievement. The film is timeless and universal. Robert Michell