Luminous Journey: ‘ Abdul –Bahá in America, 1912 is a two and a half-hour documentary film shot in High Definition. Targeted for general audiences, this documentary brings to light a little-known chapter of American history destined to change the consciousness of a nation-and the world.

Perry Productions Is a small media production company comprised of husband and wife Anne & Tim Perry and various collaborators. Committed to high quality artistry in print and media production, the Perry team supports global awareness, gender and racial equality, the unity of all religions, and the power of art to uplift and evolve humankind.

Anne Gordon Perry, PhD Aesthetic Studies, teaches at the Art Institute of Dallas and is co-producer and primary scriptwriter of Luminous Journey.

Tim Perry, video producer/director, has worked over 30 years as a media professional in Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas and served as co-producer, director, and editor of Luminous Journey.