It’s been so long since we’ve posted anything! I need to add the photos from the DC trip–from back in November!

Today we got a very special message:

I have just watched Luminous Journey–albeit a few years late! And it is marvelous. Just magnificent! A friend kindly loaned it to me – the last three days I’ve watched parts of it every day, savoring and going back to catch parts I didn’t quite remember or get. Thank you so much for this extraordinary film!! Linda Covey

Then, after I thanked Linda, she wrote:

I think everyone should see this. It’s perfect for deepening, for firesides, or meditating upon the life of Abdul Baha. Every single Bahai should have this in their library!

I am amazed at how much you pulled together- so much history of the States at that time even–how buildings looked, along with treasured and priceless pictures. The dress of the period- and so many pictures of Abdul Baha, his carriage, car, snapshots…more personal, up close – and ‘human’! (I’m sure you know what I mean.) It’s awe-inspiring and made me more determined than ever. I was wishing I’d had it for my religion and human culture classes in China.

The story line is so clear. You certainly give a full and complete picture of His journeys. I really liked how the film made its transition from one location to the next one. Very clear. And the music is so soothing and beautiful! It fit the film perfectly.

I watched all the credits, recognizing names here and there. And I wondered how those individuals felt- especially all the Baha’is, as they recreated (lived) Abdul Baha’s journey. Maybe on your webpage, you could put some of their stories, how they were impacted?

Warmest Bahai love and friendship,

March 27th, 2015

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